International Divorce Solicitors


International Divorce Lawyers

Our international divorce solicitors represent clients all over the world, whose marital issues require advice on English law. International divorce cases can apply to ex-pats who are living abroad or international business clients who have links under English law through their marriage, children or assets.

International Divorce

International divorce can apply to you if you have connections outside of the UK. Whether you’re living abroad or are a non-UK citizen, there are multiple factors to consider before starting international divorce proceedings. Due to differences in foreign law, international divorce can also present complexities involving shared financial assets or children. This is where an international divorce lawyer can help.

Starting international divorce proceedings in the UK may be the best option for securing a fair divorce or dissolution, especially where child arrangements or financial settlements need to be made. If you and your partner also have complex and substantial wealth to consider, our high net worth international divorce lawyers can steer you through.

Can I get an international divorce?

There are certain situations where an international divorce may be necessary. Once we have a full understanding of your circumstances, our international divorce solicitors can suggest the best course of action. An international divorce might be right for you if the following applies:

  • You or your partner live overseas
  • You or your partner are not from the UK originally
  • You have shared financial assets in the UK and abroad
  • You have international child arrangements to consider

International Divorce UK: How It Works…

International divorce is a process that can be largely managed through email and post.

Our international divorce lawyers can also offer appointments by phone. We then assist with the international divorce process and finances through email or post, whichever is easiest for you.

Any international elements can add extra considerations to your divorce proceedings. The advantage of using international divorce solicitors based in the UK is that we are authorised and regulated. We’ll be able to provide timely and accurate advice on English divorce law.