Divorce Financial Settlements

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Navigating financial settlements during a divorce or separation can be emotionally and financially taxing. Our team of experienced divorce solicitors is dedicated to providing compassionate support. Expert guidance for our clients is our top priority during a challenging time.

Expert Guidance in Financial Disputes 


The financial complexities that come with the breakdown of a relationship require expert advice and sensitivity. At Benussi & Co., we specialise in resolving complex financial disputes that arise from divorce or civil partnership dissolution.

Whether you’re seeking negotiation outside the courtroom, or for robust representation within it, we’re here to help and support you through every step. We take the time to understand your financial situation, including assets, income, and liabilities, to develop strategies that protect your interests and ensure a fair outcome.

Who We Are
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Protection of Assets 


We understand the importance of safeguarding your assets during divorce proceedings. Whether you’re concerned about protecting your home, investments, or business interests, our solicitors employ strategic legal tactics to minimise the risk of asset depletion and secure your financial future.

Reaching Fair Financial Settlements


Our experienced team assists individuals in reaching fair financial settlements amidst divorce or separation. From dividing assets, and debts, to addressing valuable possessions like jewellery or household items, we understand the intricacies of coming to a financial settlement after a separation. 


Understanding what’s involved in a Financial Settlement 


Settlements involve the division of assets, liabilities, and responsibilities. In a financial sense, we assess the monetary side of the separation between the two people who are ending their relationship. 


As specialist divorce solicitors with a wealth of experience in resolving financial disputes, we offer services that can help with your financial settlement in divorce, dissolution or relationship breakdown.

This can include settling the following assets and interests:

  • Business interests
  • Farming interests
  • Pension assets
  • Trust interests/Trust assets
  • International aspects
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Asset Division 


The first step to asset division is understanding the value of total assets. Only then can we look at the fair division of assets between the spouses. Our team works to divide them following prevailing laws. This can include properties, vehicles, investments, pensions, businesses, and other valuable possessions acquired during the marriage.

The court aims to distribute assets equitably, however, if you suspect the concealment of assets by your partner, our team offers legal advice to address these concerns.


Debt Allocation 


Alongside assets, any debts accumulated during the partnership must also be addressed. This will include mortgages, credit card debts, loans and any other financial obligations. Our team of expert solicitors will determine the responsibility for these debts. Ensuring that they are divided fairly and appropriately.

Child Support 


If there are children involved in the separation, financial settlements often include provisions for child support. This ensures that the children’s needs are met. This involves the determination of the amount of child support one parent must pay to the other for the care and upbringing of the children. At Benussi & Co, we prioritise the best interests of the children. We advocate for fair and reasonable child support arrangements. 


Alternative Dispute Resolution


While litigation is an option, we encourage alternative dispute-resolution methods. That could include negotiation and mediation. These approaches can often result in faster, less fractious, and more cost-effective resolutions. Which in turn can preserve relationships and reduce the stress for all parties involved.

Child Arrangement Orders

How Benussi & Co Supports Individuals 


  • Compassionate guidance
  • Clear communication 
  • Transparent and honest advice 
  • A full explanation of legal concepts 
  • Expert advice from qualified professionals 
  • Tailored solutions 
  • Accessible services 
  • Specialised experience in complex situations
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Litigation Support 


In cases where litigation is necessary, our team provides strong advocacy and representation in court. We leverage our legal expertise and courtroom experience to vigorously defend your rights and pursue the best possible outcome on your behalf.


International Cases 


Seeking counsel from our expert solicitors can facilitate a fair and equitable resolution. Our process adheres to UK divorce financial settlement regulations. For international assets governed by English law through marriage or children, explore our international cases page for specialised assistance.

International Cases

Ensure Financial Affairs are Settled 


A financial order serves to finalise any financial obligations between you and your ex-partner. Whether through a ‘clean break’ order, severing all financial ties, or a ‘consent order’ to legally bind asset division, we ensure your financial affairs are settled definitively.


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Benussi & Co. is dedicated to guiding individuals through this process with expertise, empathy, and a commitment to achieving fair and equitable outcomes that provide financial stability and peace of mind for the future.