Divorce Financial Settlements

We are experts in all financial disputes arising from a relationship breakdown. Whether you need negotiation outside the court process or robust representation at court, we are there to steer you through. Benussi & Co. can help you reach financial settlements in divorce or civil partnership dissolution and separation.

Valuing Assets During A Divorce

We will work out what each asset is worth in the eyes of the court. This can include; the family home, remaining mortgages and valuable items such as jewellery or household items.

Valuation of assets before a divorce is a complex process, following a consultation with our experts, we will be able to guide you through it.

Dividing Assets During A Divorce

Once your shared assets have been valued, our financial settlement solicitors will then divide them in accordance with the current law.

The court will aim to divide assets as fairly as possible. If you suspect your partner might be hiding assets from the courts, then our team of divorce solicitors can offer expert legal advice on this.

Getting A Divorce Financial Settlement Order

A financial order ensures that any financial responsibilities between you and your ex-partner are cut and finalised. A ‘clean break’ order is when there are no shared assets, but all financial ties are ceased. A ‘consent order’ is for divorcing partners who need to divide assets and make their financial settlement order legally binding.

Financial settlements in divorce can be a complex and emotional process. Seeking legal advice from our expert divorce solicitors can help you reach a fair financial settlement.

This process is in accordance with UK divorce financial settlements, if you have international assets with links under English law through marriage or children, then visit our international cases page.

How We Can Help…

As specialist divorce solicitors with a wealth of experience in resolving financial disputes, we offer services that can help with your financial settlement in divorce, dissolution or relationship breakdown.

This can include settling the following assets and interests:

  • Business interests
  • Farming interests
  • Pension assets
  • Trust interests/Trust assets
  • International aspects

We now have alternative ways of obtaining a financial settlement in divorce. Choosing the best method depends on a judgment of the relationship between the parties and the complexity of the assets.

There are two options in order to settle your financial assets:

Mediation: which involves collaborating with your ex-partner, arbitration or a Private Dispute Resolution. Read our blog to find out more about the advantages of arbitration.

The Court Process: this might take some time. Whichever route is best for you, we can offer you the best support and expertise.

For our Financial Settlement Services, contact our team today.