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Child Arrangements

People often use the phrase “child custody” when discussing child arrangement orders. This is not a term that is generally used in the legal world but is used in the public space. “Child custody” is professionally known as Child Arrangements.

If you are looking to confirm child arrangements, it is always preferable to have this made in writing, in the form of a Child Arrangements Order. This can avoid any misinterpretation going forward. A child arrangement order outlines time shared with children and can be between you and your partner and occasionally grandparents.

Court Ordered Child Arrangement

The court expects parents to be able to come to an agreement between them about where the children will live and how their time will be divided between both parents. In this respect, the courts prefer not to get involved. However, where there is discord between two separating parents, there are a number of options available:

Child Arrangement Orders

When dealing with Child Arrangement Orders, the court will evaluate the individual circumstances to decide what arrangements are in your children’s best interests.  They will listen to you and your children’s wishes and feelings before arriving at a decision.  This is a last resort if both parents are unable to come to an agreement.

Specific Issue Orders

Specific Issue Orders determine child disputes about more specific matters such as; religion, medical treatment and taking a child to live abroad.  Taking a child out of the country for any length of time, without the right permissions is a criminal offence. We are well versed in child law, if you are unsure about Specific Issue Orders, then please speak to our team.

Prohibited Steps Order

Prohibited Steps Orders are made to restrict actions by one parent that may be considered detrimental to the welfare of the child.  Often this relates to the manner in which a parent is exercising their Parental Responsibility. Adverse influence, permanent removal from the UK or stopping medical treatment are all matters that would be covered by a Prohibited Steps Order.

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