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Family law, in its simplest terms, covers all aspects of divorce and family matters surrounding the break-up of a formal relationship.

Divorce & Civil Partnership Dissolution

At Benussi & Co, we aim to provide the best possible outcome for our clients during what is often a difficult period.

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The courts are heading towards a “no blame culture”. 

Currently going through approval is a bill which will allow divorce to be granted on the basis of no blame. 

It is hoped this will avoid many of the pitfalls that are created by divorce which currently requires one spouse to be blamed for the breakdown of the marriage. 

Protecting Finances

Divorces and Dissolutions can often be centred around finances. When high values are at stake the process can often become complicated and stressful. Our team of experts are used to dealing with high net worth clients and are well versed in all areas of financial law including tax and property. 

With Benussi & Co by your side, you can rest assured knowing that your finances are in good hands.

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Our services are aimed at anyone who requires legal assistance when going through a separation. Whilst our head office is based in Birmingham, we service clients across the UK and internationally.

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