The Benussi & Co, Six-Step Divorce Process

At Benussi & Co. we understand that starting the divorce process can be daunting. If you wish to divorce or separate from your spouse, then it might be confusing to know where to begin. Our six-step method gives you more insight into the divorce process in the UK, so you can get through your divorce as seamlessly as possible.

1. Get In Touch

We will have a short chat with you, take some details, in order to decide which solicitor will be the best one to give you an initial consultation.  Our solicitors each have their own speciality so matching them to you is an important decision.

2. The Initial Consultation

Whilst we are in lockdown, we are able to take meetings in the office for clients who are unable to discuss their case over the phone.

The initial consultation is a fact-finding exercise.  We will take some information from you about the reasons for the breakdown of the marriage.  We will also take financial information and any other relevant details.  We will provide you with a summary at the end to enable you to see what the future will look like.

3. Begin The Divorce Process – Decree Nisi

Once you are happy to proceed, we will apply for a divorce, as your legal representative. Knowing how long the divorce process will take depends on when the initial Decree Nisi has been processed, this could take a few months. Once this is done, we will then move onto the financial aspect of the divorce.

4. Financial Settlement

Using information you have provided on the marital finances, we will begin the process to cooperate with your spouse or their legal representative to determine how the finances will be divided.  The financial settlement process is the most lengthy and complicated aspect of the divorce.

5. Court Application

Should we not be able to make an agreement with your spouse, we will issue a financial application at court.  This allows the courts to set a timetable which both sides will need to adhere to.  It means that if your matter is dragging its heels we are able to enforce deadlines on your spouse.

6. Finalise The Divorce – Decree Absolute

Once the finances have been agreed, we will apply for your final divorce document, the Decree Absolute, which concludes your marriage.

Whether you have child arrangements to organise or financial settlements to agree upon, we can match you with a solicitor who understands your circumstances and will guide you through the divorce process. Please get in touch with our team to book an initial consultation.

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