The Advantages of Arbitration

The pandemic has disrupted all our lives but for those coping with divorce during Covid times, it has been particularly hard.

Court delays were bad before March 2020 but are considerably worse now. Couples have to wait up to two years before they and their family can move on with their lives, making a bad situation worse.

Benussi & Co Limited are encouraging clients to take advantage of the private proceeding to resolve future financial arrangements.

This blog focuses on Arbitration, in which a private Judge is engaged to work with a couple and their lawyers as an alternative to the court process.  Advantages are:

  • Speed – a hearing which mirrors the court process can resolve all issues within a few months and short circuits court delays.
  • Privacy – arrangements are out of the public gaze and ensure complete discretion at a venue to be agreed.
  • No disruption – removes the risk of hearings being cancelled to make way for urgent children matters.
  • Time and focus – private Judges do not have the distraction of other cases to be dealt with at the same time and can thoroughly prepare and devote time to the case, unlike Judges in the court system.
  • Flexibility – private Judges can manage their own diary and accommodate hearings at short notice if issues arise.  They can also assist with other matters eg children arrangements or single issues in dispute to arrive at an early decision.
  • Costs – resolving cases at an early stage will invariably save time and expense and reduce the emotional cost for a divorcing couple and their family.
  • Certainty – an arbitral award is enforceable by the court as an order and can be appealed where circumstances allow.

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