Statistical Deviation Of A Sexual Kind

Historically, and surprisingly, we act for more men than women.

We are told by men that they want the input of female solicitors to soften their stance and, understand what will get them a mutually acceptable deal.  Not many men want to be embroiled in difficult battles about divorce assets – they have more important things to do:  running the world.

But, after every seismic shift, pandemic, recession – we act for more women than men.


The pandemic has had many unpleasant effects on our lives.  Being locked down with the person that you were previously in love with, and now aren’t, is very tough. It brings unhappiness into focus.

Our male clients are used to a break from domestic bliss.  They go to their office.  Their wives, at home, in traditional roles (and that is still a model of many) are really trapped.

So, come the end of the lockdown –


  • Him: Back to the office
  • Her: Off to the divorce lawyer

He thinks peace has arrived with his exit to the office.

She knows there is no peace, and, has been planning her exit from the marriage.

We have been fielding calls from women throughout the pandemic.

All you husbands, whilst reviewing the business, review the marriage and listen to the noise it generates.  You have been warned.

If you’re going through the divorce process, financial settlements or any family law matters, and are looking for the best team available to support you, get in touch today to find out how we can support you.


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