My Top 5 Tips For Getting Your Divorce Right – Helen Benussi

1 Be organised.

Your divorce will be a very stressful event.  Your solicitor will be constantly asking you for information and you will find it useful to have this all in one place so that you can take it if necessary.  Keep all your correspondence from your solicitor in a separate place so that you are able to access that too, when needed.

2 Know your finances.

Information about your finances is going to be one of the most important aspects of your divorce especially when it comes to your financial settlement.  You will need information about all of your bank accounts, your assets, your savings, pension etc.  Start to collate them altogether so that they are in one place easily accessible for when you need to give it to your solicitor.

3 Respond to your solicitor’s enquires and requests promptly and in full.

Your solicitor is there to advise you and assist you with your divorce.  The assistance needs to go both ways.  Any delay will be costly to you and will cause issues with your divorce.  You will find the process a lot smoother if you respond promptly and in full to each request from your solicitor.

4 Be kind to your solicitor.

They are there to help you.  Sometimes it will feel like they are not on your side but, in reality, they are just doing their job and trying to work through what is a very difficult process for you.  Remember that they are there to represent you so please be nice to them.

5 Release your emotions.

Divorce will be a long emotional process but there will be a new life for you at the end.  Releasing your anger and upset as you go through the process will make sure that you come out of it in a good place.  Don’t moan and groan to all and everyone, but simply pick one person with whom to share your worries during this process.

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