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What is Life Coaching?

What is Life Coaching?

Victoria James
May 2018

Have you, or anyone you know ever felt stuck? Like life has dealt you an unexpected challenge that threw you off course and you just can’t seem to get yourself back?

Coaching is the way to change that.

It’s a relationship that helps move those feelings of despair to optimism, of turmoil to rest. A way to regain inner strength, to get to know yourself properly again after what can feel like a long time away from yourself. This then leads to the knowledge that life is yours to enjoy and with that comes empowerment, fulfilment and joyful living.

Essentially, we work on your new future, your way.

Coaches are privileged to work with people at a time of their lives when they’re faced with creating a new way of living. It could be a future you’ve been wanting for a while and don’t know how to get there, or it could be an out-of-the-blue situation that knocks you off your feet and you need a trusted hand to help move you forward.

For some, particularly after life-altering events, a period of time in therapy or receiving counselling is the perfect first step and helps to heal past trauma or pain.

In contrast, coaching doesn’t dwell in the past; it complements what you’ve learnt from that period of life so you can think about how you want your new life to be. It’s about your forward motion from this point on into the life you’re about to create – one you feel proud to live.

A coaching engagement typically lasts 6 months (sometimes longer) and involves regular one-to-one sessions. Your commitment is to be brave enough to crack yourself open; to look clearly at yourself so we can explore the future you’d like to create.

We then look at how you can make small steps daily, forming new habits and taking time for self-reflection and new self care routines. We do this together through tailored exercises and giving you room to think and speak freely in a safe, confidential environment free from judgement. Our time is all about exploring your thoughts and ideas so you can step forward at your own pace feeling confident that you’re going in the right direction for you.

At the beginning there is likely to be more regular contact with frequent accountability check-ins to see how you’re getting on with these changes, and as the engagement progresses, and your certainty grows, you get to know what’s working and not working so well, the balance tips into the space of letting these new ways embed into real life, reflecting on how life now feels, setting new goals and understanding your bigger picture.

As with any psychological intervention, there is never a straight line from problem to solution. Our minds are complex, so taking time to allow for new automatic ways of living  to form and allowing yourself kindness and grace when feeling resistance helps take your understanding of self to a deeper level and brings solid long-term change.

There’s beauty in simplicity and the techniques I use are never going to overwhelm you. You can expect to use tools such as mindfulness, meditation and journalling to begin with and as we progress, we tailor them to you and your personality. Together we’ll explore your core values and make sure they’re being looked after so you become aligned with your deeper self. Having this strong foundation means you can then start adding to life knowing your choices are perfectly in alignment with your core needs.

The blank canvas of you can then be filled with beautiful living!

It does take time – it’s taken you however many years you’ve been alive to reach this point, and by looking within, taking those small consistent steps, you can have a life you feel proud of. Treating yourself with kindness, listening to yourself and having the room to think will help you get there, but most importantly it’s realising you have the power to make it happen.

Life may be difficult right now but it doesn’t need to stay that way. With your commitment to live differently you can create a life you enjoy once more.



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