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Victoria James

Victoria James Coaching
Life Coach

Victoria James from Victoria James Coaching is a skilled life coach who can provide clients with a unique, tailored solution that is focused on positivity and personal fulfilment.

Individual programmes can be created to help you approach situations with a positive attitude and an inventive style, which in turn will help you achieve the happiness you deserve.  Victoria is available for meetings with clients at the Benussi & Co offices, at her private clinic or alternatively she can provide one-to-one client discussions via Skype.

The coaching environment is one of unconditional positive regard for you. This means a full acceptance of where you are in life and it requires you to have an open mind & heart, which will give you the time and space to evolve into the best version of you.

Coping with change is not always easy and fearful feelings can be confusing and overwhelming, particularly during the divorce process. Unbalanced decisions can lead to taking the wrong road, however with Victoria’s expertise in positive well being you will be able to gain clarity about your life’s potential.

Victoria believes that the art of being a skilled coach is not in telling you what to do, or giving you all the right answers; it’s all about working with you to unlock the brilliance already within and empowering you to make necessary long-term changes.

No matter what your dreams or obstacles, you have the power to change your life and become the person you most want to be.

It all starts with you