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Being involved in divorce and matrimonial issues are no easy matters, with strong emotions often surfacing on both sides. Whilst mediation is a part of the whole process, the complicated legal and financial issues that can arise frequently create enormous emotional upheaval, which affects not just both parties, but children, grandparents and extended family.  All of these are very familiar issues that the Benussi & Co team regularly encounter during meetings with our clients.

Whilst our legal experience always achieves exceptional results for clients,  it has also taught us to be great listeners and we have witnessed some deeply emotional situations unravel.  For some, the whole process is a very difficult time, which can lead many to question things about themselves and about their life as they try to cope with moving forward.

As a result, we have developed close links to highly skilled professionals and after careful consultation with them, we have now opened The Benussi Therapy Lounge as an additional support for our clients.

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As a client, you can have complete support both legally and emotionally through your divorce, and beyond if necessary – giving you time to recover, regain self-esteem and discover life’s bigger picture.

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