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Muzzle the “Rottweiler” before your husband does

When it comes to finding a good divorce lawyer, it is wise to do a fair bit of research. Rather than trawling the Yellow Pages for a list of high street firms that deal with a range of legal issues including divorce, identify niche matrimonial firms that provide not just expert skills but related services such as counselling.

Have a look at www.resolution.org.uk
and ask divorced friends and colleagues who they used and whether they rated the quality of service they received.

As well as research, employing a tactical approach to the hunt for the best lawyer can pay dividends.

Once you have a list of potential law firms, arrange a fixed-fee meeting (usually an hour) with all of them to give you a better idea of what they offer and whether they are the solicitors for you. Don’t forget that it is important to feel comfortable with your lawyer as they are going to be with you on a traumatic journey.

At this juncture, you need to be wise to the possibility that your husband might be doing the very same thing – arranging a series of fixed-fee meetings. What you may not realise is that if your spouse gets in first and organises an appointment with a particular law firm, that firm won’t then be able to see you because of a conflict of interest.

So be sure to include on your list of possible law firms the ones with the most formidable reputation, even if you don’t want them to act for you. By getting in first, for an initial meeting, you will scupper your husband’s chances of hiring a “Rottweiler”, whose modus operandi is savaging their opposite number in court. Believe me, in the long term this can be worth the time and expense involved.



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