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Management by cake

There are lots of different management theories… you may have heard of management by walking around (MBWA), or management by objectives (MBO)… At Benussi & Co. Limited. we like to practice ‘Management by cake.’

We have cakes most days in our Birmingham city centre office. Often we’ll buy a cake to celebrate a milestone, such as a birthday, or someone returning from their holiday. Everyone enjoys sweet treats, and it helps us to associate our busy office with pleasant experiences.

Working with clients who are going through divorces or difficult family situations can be stressful at times, and the sugar rush from a doughnut or a cup cake can provide a welcome mid-morning or mid-afternoon boost – not that many of our cakes survive into the afternoon.

Our friendly family law team bring a great deal of dedication, hard-work and enthusiasm to their roles, and providing a little cake is the least that we can do to reward them. We like to immerse our team in the Benussi & Co. Limited culture, which is relaxed, encouraging and supportive towards all of our employees.

It’s great to walk to into the office with a pile of cakes and see everyone look up and smile. Our goal is to have a happy office, so that we can give the best possible service to our family law clients – ‘managing by cake’ helps us to achieve this.



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