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Introducing the Diane Benussi blog

I’m a divorce lawyer, running a divorce firm with a difference.

The first difference is that, as far as I know, my firm, Benussi & Co, is the only matrimonial legal practice in the country to have its own blog site.

The second difference is that here at Benussi & Co we make a difference.

We make a difference to people’s lives. Divorce can be an unpleasant, bitter and drawn-out business and even the most ‘amicable’ marital break-ups cause emotional upheaval to separating couples and their families.

A divorce lawyer is much more than someone who fills out the right forms and argues a client’s case in court. A good divorce lawyer does more – much more – than that.  Every room where we meet our clients has boxes of tissues.  Why?  Because we offer a shoulder to cry on.  We also, and this might sound strange to admit, try to mend a marriage that appears salvageable.  We have a huge success rate of doing that.

I and several of my colleagues have been through divorces ourselves, so we know just how painful the process can be.

Because of our personal experiences, and our wide-ranging skills and qualifications we, after 25 years in the business, offer great support, best advice and great service.

We care passionately about each and every client – and we fight tooth and nail to ensure that our clients get the very best legal settlements.  We never forget that at the end of the divorce, our clients need to have their dignity intact.

It’s not just about money.

There are children involved.  There are people’s feelings involved and their future lives to consider. We want our clients to walk away, not only with every penny to which they’re entitled, but also with their battered emotions restored, their confidence boosted and their family concerns allayed – again, we want our clients to have their dignity.

It is because we care so passionately for our clients that I decided to write a weekly blog – not dry stuff about the intricacies of the legal process but the ‘real’ stuff of what divorce is about – disappointment, rejection, heartbreak, adultery, money worries, housing problems, child contact disputes and even the quest for a better, happier life.

Each week I will pick a subject – from how to cope when your ‘ex’ finds a new partner to what to do when your estranged spouse doesn’t want to see the kids – and offer advice and help to people contemplating divorce and those who have made their minds up to ‘call time’ on their marriages.

These days there is no shame in being divorced, yet dismantling a marriage is not easy. At Benussi & Co, we try to make it as easy and as least upsetting as possible. To use a metaphor we depict on our website, www.benussilaw.co.uk, we aim to take you through the stormy waters and deliver you safely to more tranquil, sunnier climes.

I hope you’ll join me each week for the first of what I hope will be many useful and insightful articles on divorce.



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