How the dirty trick of “conflicting out” top divorce firms can impact your divorce!

We have seen a marked increase in recent months of financially astute spouses deploying the dirty trick of divorce solicitor “shopping”, what is known in the trade as carrying out a “beauty parade”, with the intention of “conflicting out” specialist divorce firms, such as ourselves, from acting for their spouse.  If you are contemplating divorce you need to be aware of this tactic of “conflicting out” top divorce firms as your spouse can make it impossible for you to instruct the solicitor that is best for you.

Pyrrhic victory

If you prevent your spouse being able to access a specialist firm this could backfire on you.  Your spouse may end up with poor representation.  You will be left with a delayed deal or no deal.  You can’t get on with your life.  You will be treading water for a long time.

Get advice now before you are conflicted out.  Phone for advice before your spouse does  0121 248 4001.  Sometimes minutes matter.

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