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Caring Cassie

The Benussi & Co. mascot

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It has been suggested for quite some time now that pets can help to remedy a lot of different problems and that spending time with animals is very therapeutic. Stroking a pet is not only really enjoyable for them, but it does help humans to release wonderful feel-good hormones too.

Cassie belongs to  our founder and Director, Diane Benussi, and since a visit to the offices with her a few years ago, Cassie has now been adopted as our caring mascot. 

Regularly, we are asked if Cassie is in the office, as some of our clients have a natural curiosity about a dog being in a working environment.  We feel sure though, that she considers it her second home.

Diane comments, “Dogs are frequently used for therapy in hospitals and nursing homes to help reduce stress.  Cassie’s initial appearance at the office was by chance one day, but it really is amazing to see how relaxed people become in her company and how she helps them to open up.”

Of course, meeting Cassie is not obligatory, but we think, there’s something quite special about the animal kingdom and their ability to make us all feel a little better when they are around. 

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