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Co-parenting and coping at Christmas

It’s natural for emotions to run high at certain times of the year, and Christmas & New Year are two of the most emotive times when we become reflective.

To help you prepare for a smooth transition into co-parenting at Christmas it’s worth spending some time talking through as parents how your children can celebrate knowing they’re not being forced to make ‘choices’, but more that they’re helping decide how you’re all going to spend the Christmas holiday.

Involving them in the conversation will help them feel less isolated and for Christmas not to become a taboo subject where they feel one parent loses out.

Some tips for making this change would be:

  • Don’t compare. Your current situation is different from the traditional Christmas card family unit, but that doesn’t make it any less important or special. We live in modern times and comparison to out-dated ideals will only leave you all feeling like you’re missing out on something and foster negative feelings.
  • Expand your thinking. Instead of focusing all your energy into Christmas Day, consider the Holiday Season as a whole and all the opportunity that brings!  Don’t under-estimate simple pleasures and plan events fairly!
  • Make new traditions. How can you involve your children and their imaginations into creating new traditions? Arrange dates ahead of time where you can create new ways to celebrate.
    Could you involve your wider family? Could you take inspiration from other countries where they celebrate different aspects of Christmas, such as the decorating of the tree? Make otherwise over-looked moments count.
  • Remember it’s ok to feel your feelings.


Most importantly, remember this is your Christmas too. Indulge yourself where you can by doing simple things that please you and help keep your mind in a safe, happy place.




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