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Children & Separation

One of the biggest concerns clients raise regarding divorce proceedings relates to their children and the difficulties of the physical separation on them. Worrying about adjustment and fair contact between both parties is always high on the list of discussions regarding separation and divorce for the  Benussi & Co Ltd team of experts. 

In our experience, most children make the adjustment to new living arrangements relatively well in the long term.  It is likely that they will be most upset immediately before parental separation and at the point it occurs.

Greater longer-term difficulties seem to arise when there is conflict between the separating parents.

As solicitors, we place the needs of the children first in any divorce case as does the Family court.  Children have absolute priority and are placed at the heart of the discussions with decisions about their needs decided by the court if resolution cannot be agreed.

Adjustment to a new living situation, particularly affects children when it is about them.  Many children shoulder the blame of the conflict between their parents, especially if issues about parenting skills or child behaviour are raised during divorce proceedings. 

Other more serious adjustment problems can occur during a case where there is parental conflict such as exposure to domestic violence or emotional abuse. These types of issues create many difficulties in divorce proceedings and can prolong issues, particularly regarding access, as the case progresses.

Staying in a relationship that is prone to conflict or violence will not ease the emotional turmoil for children.  

As a case progresses,  if the courts are involved, then measures will be put into place to protect any children from violent parental conflict.

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