Ending the Blame Game - the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020

In April 2022 couples will be able to apply – together if they wish – for a divorce, via a much simplified process, without having to blame the other for the marriage breakdown.

The delay in the anticipated introduction of the Act, originally the Autumn, is due to IT issues. We have come to appreciate the improved online process through the pandemic, but it has not been without its teething problems. Better to be have the new system fit for purpose, to ensure a streamlined divorce process, than risk a false start.

Whilst it has been possible to divorce without blame for many years, there is inbuilt delay (2 years) and other party has to agree (otherwise, a delay of 5 years). At present, to obtain a divorce more quickly, there is no option but to blame the other spouse, using unreasonable behaviour, adultery or desertion as justification.

The new law will do away with unhappy couples being stuck in limbo and/or risking unpleasantness and conflict for the whole family by having to make allegations about their spouse’s behaviour. Benussi & Co have campaigned for decades to ensure the biggest change in divorce laws for fifty years, and will continue to support clients to reduce conflict and bring about a dignified end to their marriage.

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