Be Honest With Children – Youth Mental Health Day

Be Honest With Children – Youth Mental Health Day For parents whose marriage is disintegrating, the biggest worry ought to be how this will affect the children. The bald fact is that no one knows how an individual child will react or be affected by their parents’ separation. However, I firmly believe that youngsters who

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The Advantages of Arbitration

The Advantages of Arbitration The pandemic has disrupted all our lives but for those coping with divorce during Covid times, it has been particularly hard.  Court delays were bad before March 2020 but are considerably worse now. Couples have to wait up to two years before they and their family can move on with their

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Ending The Blame Game – No Fault Divorce

Ending the Blame Game – the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 In April 2022 couples will be able to apply – together if they wish – for a divorce, via a much simplified process, without having to blame the other for the marriage breakdown. The delay in the anticipated introduction of the Act, originally

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Statistical Deviation Of A Sexual Kind

Statistical Deviation Of A Sexual Kind. Historically, and surprisingly, we act for more men than women.  We are told by men that they want the input of female solicitors to soften their stance and, understand what will get them a mutually acceptable deal.  Not many men want to be embroiled in difficult battles about divorce

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Team Benussi

Team Benussi The word “Team” historically is used to describe sports groups.  Now it has been hijacked and is used constantly in the business world.  Why use the word “Team”?  Because it engenders a feeling of comfort, inclusivity, and reassurance.  We are using the old-fashioned definition to say: We act as a team.  We are

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