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Benussi & Co Reinforces The Holistic Approach To Divorce

Family LawyersTaking a ‘healthy’ attitude to divorce is a deep rooted philosophy at Benussi & Co, with a team belief that collaboration is all part of the process. This core principle was introduced by founder, Diane Benussi, when she launched the practice as a niche matrimonial law firm that placed a wholesome approach for all parties at its core. This legacy is continuing today with Diane and her daughter Helen Benussi leading a team of niche practitioners who are driven to find the right approach to divorce and family matters for their individual clients.

Whilst the best outcome for clients has always been of paramount importance, the highly experienced legal team looks to establish a connection that will support them through the intricate, and often, emotionally draining processes associated with all legal family matters.

Today, life seems far more complicated than it was when Diane Benussi opened the practice in 1996, and whilst mediation is now an essential aspect to divorce, the Benussi & Co approach encompasses a healthy attitude to providing support and healing techniques beyond the court room. The entire family as a whole is considered in the divorcing process with the husband, the wife and any children all carefully considered not just in the legalities but beyond as they begin to look at their lives from a completely new perspective.

The entire team fully understands, at each level, the deeply emotional issues that can evolve as a case proceeds, and as such, brings a considered understanding to every single case, knowing that it is so much more than financial and practical matters at stake. The firm’s philosophy provides tangible avenues for a ‘healthy’ divorce where clients can move forward positively.

For Helen Benussi, a holistic divorce provides synergy, with options for clients to see a positive way forward collectively in what can be a very traumatic situation. The individual clients are carefully matched with the right lawyer at the firm – a highly skilled practitioner who can not only provide the best technical resolution to the case but one who can empathise and support the person as the case progresses.

She comments, “Divorce cases tend to become more complicated as things proceed with potentially deeply personal issues coming to light. Just as every single person is unique, we see every case as very individual. We fully understand that there is so much more to the situation than the legal case in hand, and sometimes people need a lot of time to accept the change that it all brings. Other times clients may find it exceptionally hard to discuss very personal aspects that can have occurred during a marriage, and we feel that there should be a broad range of services available that can support them as they begin to face the next phase of their lives. Coping strategies are vital and there is a very human side to divorce that this firm fully grasps and we integrate that understanding into each and every case we undertake.”

For those considering separation or divorce, then the firm offers a broad range of complementary services with skilled professionals that are allied to Benussi & Co.

Helen continues, “We have built a support network for clients who can take advantage of the holistic attitude to divorce we offer, rather than the adversarial position which so many people can be forced to face. A marriage breakdown, particularly one that comes after many years, has consequences that can be devastating, not just for spouses but for children and extended family, and although each person copes differently, healing is so essential to consider and embrace, in a bid to make the life transitions easier.

Ideally, we hope to help people make decisions for themselves from a positive place rather than from one that causes more distress and trauma.”

All too often divorce can be considered merely a ‘legal event’ as so many people agonising about their divorce can corroborate. Fears of the unknown, emotional scars from the whole process, physical scars from years of hidden torment are all huge elements that can come into play as matters develop, and all need evaluating and resolving.

The Benussi & Co team do not believe that the legalities of divorce proceedings are the place where the emotion of it all should be handled. By providing clients with holistic solutions the firm ensures that their mental and emotional needs can also be nurtured and supported, which benefits the wider family, particularly any children and other associated parties such as in-laws.

If children can see their parents can emotionally cope and manage the tensions, there will be feelings of greater security and reassurance about their future. Knowing that decisions, being made on their behalf, are considered and being taken from a rational place, will minimise the impact for them. For younger children in particular, the whole situation can be a terrifying prospect, with people in authority making life changing decisions on their behalf. Seeing their parents coping as the legal aspects are discussed reduces their levels of stress, particularly if decisions are made from a caring perspective rather than an aggressive one.

An holistic approach using associated therapies ensures clients can work through emotional issues as things progress, without the need to visit separate professional practices and having to discuss sensitive issues with people from other clinical practices. This approach from the Benussi team means that everyone is familiar with individual cases at any one time and consequently clients can deal with the emotional challenges more effectively.

Helen Benussi concludes, “Irrespective of whether the other party is more antagonistic, by providing a qualified support network we reduce the amount of emotional challenges for our clients to have to face. Collaboration and a healthy emotional approach helps to promote co-operation and gains agreement far more quickly.

The legal platform does not provide a truly personal arena for people to deal with the emotional rollercoaster of divorce and constructive discussion can sometimes be impossible. Well being coaching and associated therapies are continually evaluated here and are regularly adapted at Benussi and Co to ensure we can support our clients at every level.”

Anyone involved in divorce proceedings, legal separation or a family matter who needs advice on a practical or emotional level, please call to discuss how we might be able to offer our professional help.



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