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Taking a Healthy Approach

Benussi & Co Opens Holistic Lounge

Taking a Healthy Approach

Benussi and Co clients can now benefit from complementary holistic therapies that are being introduced as an additional support during the divorce process.  A number of specialist practitioners will be working in conjunction with the leading legal firm in a bid to tackle some of the tough emotional issues that may arise.

The stresses associated with divorce are very familiar aspects to an emotionally difficult process, which the Benussi and Co expert team have seen repeatedly. Whilst mediation is an important aspect, the solicitors all felt that additional support would be beneficial as an additional option for clients.

The specialist practice, established over 25 years ago, has an established reputation for excellence within matrimonial and Family law matters and is recognised nationally for the excellent results achieved for clients.

Lawyers at Benussi & Co have seen a great many clients suffer along the way and consequently this new platform has been launched for clients to use as the process unfolds.

Client Consideration

The initial consultation at the firm is already a meticulously considered aspect of the services offered, as clients are matched carefully with the right solicitor to suit not just their legal needs but also the person as an individual.

Helen Benussi, comments, “It is a sad fact that some marriages are not destined to succeed and whatever the cause there is generally extreme emotion attached to a divorce. For some it can be a relief that the marriage is over, but even this in itself has emotional consequences.

Intense feelings might surface that are excruciatingly difficult or painful to discuss – grief, guilt, confusion and anger are just a few elements we see regularly. These are heightened if children are involved in the proceedings, with anxiety and stress levels rising substantially. It takes professional therapeutic skills to be able to recognise, treat and support those for whom divorce is an increasingly difficult mountain to overcome.”

Working Through The Process

Divorce may exacerbate some mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety or even more personality issues, as a lot of those going through the process consider it a personal failure.

Those types of feelings can be very hard to handle which is why the firm has made the decision to develop the Benussi Holistic Lounge.

Helen Benussi comments, “Sometimes it can be difficult to acknowledge just how deep these types of feelings can run. Support is so important at a time like that, as many of the solicitors here fully understand. We believe in creating as positive an environment as possible for clients and the new Holistic Lounge will help people to evaluate their feelings in a free and open environment, that is completely safe and confidential.

“This type of supportive therapy helps people to work issues through regarding themselves and not just the legal process. It creates a comfortable arena where someone can come to terms with the end of their marriage and gain a new perspective as they move their lives forward. Individuals may learn to look at life with a different point of view and discover their own needs as well as what they do not want in a relationship.

“The therapy team we are working with as part of the Benussi Holistic Lounge, can provide emotional care and through the holistic services they offer, our clients might discover greater strengths. The combination of professional skills we are offering across the board provides the perfect synergy and will get the best results for our clients.”

The Benussi & Co team prides itself on the high level of service provided to clients with confidentiality and discretion always the highest priority. With a varied client base, practitioners at the leading Birmingham law firm are compassionate and sympathetic at every stage of proceedings and fully appreciate that clients are people involved in a process.

“Benussi & Co – a different breed of family law firm.”



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