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International child custody cases could become further complicated by Brexit

Battles regarding child custody can get really messy when it involves expatriated families and international law. Parents relocating to other countries can add to the

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Will I Lose Everything After My Divorce?

A common concern for those about to enter divorce proceedings relates to financial matters.  It tends to be a main topic in initial discussions with

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Could The New Year Be Bad For Your Marriage?

It seems that ringing in a new year for many is the start of a daunting personal journey, with January now recognised as bringing in

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Christmas Is A Time For Sharing

Helen Benussi, Director at Benussi & Co Ltd, Divorce and Family Lawyers, looks at ways to cope during divorce at Christmastime. Christmas tends to conjure

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Benussi & Co Ltd Celebrates With The Law Society

Celebrating 200 years really is a phenomenal achievement and few today can commemorate such a milestone.  This reinforces the professionalism and achievements of the Law

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A Great Legal Future On The Horizon

At Benussi and Co Ltd, we believe that work experience provides many benefits, and are always very pleased when budding solicitors get in touch to

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Benussi & Co Reinforces The Holistic Approach To Divorce

Taking a ‘healthy’ attitude to divorce is a deep rooted philosophy at Benussi & Co, with a team belief that collaboration is all part of

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The myth of common law marriage

As one of the UK’s leading divorce practices, you might be surprised to learn that we’re very much in favour of marriage. Only marriage or

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