We remain open for new business. We are offering virtual consultations for anyone needing family law or divorce advice during the Coronavirus (COVI-19) outbreak. To arrange your consultation, contact us and we will book an appointment at a time to suit you.


Family law and divorce solicitors

We provide advice on every aspect of family, divorce and children issues in private law.

We also offer a family law consultancy service in London.

Our team of family solicitors can bring a new perspective, energy and thinking to long running, complex and seemingly intractable disputes.

We work with those involved in such cases to devise a strategy to resolve their particular problems.

Family Solicitors
Family Solicitors

You are unique, with unique circumstances and a unique history. We never, ever lose sight of your needs.

This is probably the most important aspect of your divorce. The divorce process gets the finances off the ground. People have different agendas; some want a fair settlement, some want an unfair settlement. It is our job to ensure that you settle within the legal parameters so that you are satisfied with the result.

The feel-good factor
When it’s all over, we guarantee you will feel different, lighter. You will have a renewal of energy and a plan for the future. A new persona.

Exceptional cases
We can never disclose our cases and their history. Suffice to say, as leading divorce solicitors we have a hugely varied client base.

They have one thing in common. They are vulnerable individuals when getting divorced.

What’s different
about you?

Benussi & Co were amazing…they made the whole divorce process easy to understand and made me feel safe and secure.

– Benussi Client

What to expect
when you contact us

1. An initial phone call to Benussi & Co 
We will ask for information, including details of your spouse, to ensure that we haven’t previously advised them. The information we take enables us to decide whether you are the kind of client who we can help and can give a “value added” service to.

2. A response
A specialist family law solicitor will phone you back and discuss your circumstances and offer you an initial consultation.

3. Initial consultation
You may find it helpful to bring a friend or family member for support. We encourage clients to bring someone with them to the initial consultation, particularly if you’re feeling nervous about talking to a divorce solicitor, or to help you ask the right questions relating to a complex family law case. Rest assured that as a specialist firm of family solicitors, we are highly experienced in all areas of family law.

4. The arrival at Benussi & Co
At our Birmingham city centre offices you’ll find music, Nespresso, a newspaper and peace. We give you 10 minutes to unwind.