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Holiday yachts

Don’t wait until after the summer holiday to talk divorce – come and see us now

Holiday yachts - all at seaFor those of you who have children at state school, today is the start of the second week of the school holidays. Many of you will be busy planning a fortnight’s getaway break with the family, hopefully somewhere warm and sunny.

For some of you, this holiday will be make-or-break for your marriage. Couples whose relationships are struggling often pin their expectations on the annual summer vacation, hoping that spending time together in a relaxed, exotic environment will put everything back on track.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out like that. Far from the mending the holes in a relationship, a fortnight in the sun can make things even worse. Being together 24/7 can merely highlight how far apart you’ve grown and how little you still have in common.

As with the Christmas holidays, the annual summer vacation – so assiduously saved up for, so long-anticipated – is frequently a crushing disappointment. The stress of travelling, of finding the resort not up to scratch and having to deal with bickering children can cause tempers to rise even higher than the temperatures.

For divorce lawyers, summer and Christmas are the quietest times of the year. That’s because few people decide to end their marriages just before the summer holidays or the Festive Season. They believe – or, rather, hope – that these annual events will give their marriages a new lease of life.

It’s when, in fact, they prove to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back that they finally make the decision to end the marriage – and make an appointment to see us.

At Benussi & Co we get a huge influx of new clients in the second and third week of September. The holidays are over, the kids are back at school – and people have had a week or so to themselves to mull over their options.

If you are thinking about the possibility of filing for divorce in September, following a last-gasp attempt at saving your marriage on a palm-fringed beach, can we make a suggestion? Come and see us now.

Before you jet off on holiday, make an appointment to sit down with a dedicated matrimonial lawyer. Don’t forget, this is not an irreversible decision – you can call off the divorce at any time. But if you get advice now, you can go on holiday with a strategy worked out and be happy in the knowledge that someone is on your case for when you get back.

Ironically, with the decision made and strategy worked out, you will be able to relax. As a result, you may find your relationship with your partner improves – even flourishes. Because you’re not desperately pinning all your hopes the holiday to save the relationship, it might be that it revives itself, quite naturally. In which case, we will be more than happy to drop your divorce petition.

But if the relationship is – as you suspect – beyond saving, you will return from holiday knowing the wheels of divorce are in motion already. And because you’re ahead of the game – most people having waited until September to get the process started – your case is likely to be concluded more quickly. Which means you can start your new life sooner.




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