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Choose Benussi & Co: You can have your cake and eat it

By Georgina Burrows

Benussi & Co CakeA client was recently so delighted with the way we helped him through the court process that as a ‘thank you’ he gave us…a wedding cake!

Well, it wasn’t actually a wedding cake – but, as you can see from the picture, it looked like one. In two layers (one a Victoria sponge, the other chocolate), covered in fondant icing and decorated with pink sugar roses, it could have graced any wedding breakfast.

Instead, it sat in the offices of Benussi & Co (although not for long – we’re a hungry bunch!), along with a box of gorgeous cupcakes, topped with the Benussi & Co logo.

Clients often take the time and trouble to express their gratitude for the service we provide, but this was a wonderful way to thank the whole team, from the receptionist to the senior partner.

The client in question made such a generous and thoughtful gesture because we had not only secured for him the outcome he wanted; we had done so quickly and efficiently. His was a complicated case, but we made the process smooth and relatively stress-free.

As a niche matrimonial practice, we apply our highly individualised and personal touch, along with our extensive experience and expertise to achieving the best possible outcome for clients – even in the most difficult cases.

Benusi & Co CupcakesA good financial settlement or child arrangements order is very important, but there are many facets to divorce and separation, and we have specialist lawyers who cover them all, allowing us to give clients an outstanding holistic service.

Although it’s wonderful to receive cakes – or gifts of any kind – from clients after a case is concluded, our biggest reward is seeing them walk out of our offices for the last time with a new spring in their step, a shine in their eyes and a hopeful smile on their face. That, truly, is the icing on the cake.

* Georgina Burrows is a senior associate with Benussi & Co



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